STS Logistic once again the exclusive logistics operator for the VW Poznań factory

The end of 2019 STS Logistic completed with the renewal of long-term contracts for logistic services of vehicles under the VW sign. Another success of the company is the renewal of the contract for the already 20 years lasting comprehensive logistics services for the VW Poznań factory. The subject of the contract is the transport of a volume of 200,000 vehicles from the factory to the STS Logistic compound in Swarzędz, storage and handling of rail and road shipments to European and World markets. Another agreement with the corporation from Wolfsburg emphasizes our company’s high position on the European market and proves that STS Logistic is a reliable and trustworthy business partner, which makes a put on long-term relations with the...

Volkswagen Group Polska once again trusted our company

We are pleased to announce that we have renewed the contract with Volkswagen Group Polska for the exclusive logistics services in Poland for a period of 3 years. The subject of the contract is the distribution and storage of cars of all VW group brands in our country, as well as deliveries from Porsche brand factories to Poland. Annual volume planned for distribution is approximately 180 000 cars. Extending the contract guarantees our company to maintain a leading position in the distribution market, delivering over 50% of all new vehicles sold in...

VOLVO – new customer of STS Logistic.

With pleasure we’d like to announce, that from 1st January 2020 STS Logistic starts the cooperation with Volvo Car Corporation. The cooperation with the new customer will include complex logistic services in terms of international transport, storage and distribution in Poland. Furthermore our logistic centre in Swarzędz will be a place for consolidation of Volvo cars for the Ukrainian...
Purchase of ATS Logistic shares

Purchase of ATS Logistic shares

STS Logistic has become the owner of 50% of Joint Venture shares in ATS Logistic. After purchase, the shareholders are BLG Logistics – 50% and STS Logistic – 50%. It opens new development opportunities on the Polish...

Vehicles on the Actros

200 semitrucks of Mercedes-Benz Actros with special driver cab adjusted to the car-carrier superstructure will operate under the logo of the STS company from Swarzędz. This Poland’s biggest passenger car distributor started the fleet upgrade action, including 250 own...

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300 new Mercedes Benz trucks for the 30th Anniversary of the company