STS Logistic, whose business activity has been defined by constant dynamic development, was established in 1999. However the company’s real history goes back to 1990, when the original business under the name STS – Specjalistyczny Transport Samochodów (Special Transport of Vehicles) was launched. With the facility area of 400,000 sqm and approx. 750 employees, now is STS Logistic a potentate on the market of forwarding, logistics and distribution services.

Another milestone in company’s history was building of the largest Logistics centre in Middle-East-Europe, operating international transportation of passenger cars, commercial cars and trucks, storage and deloivery of the vehicles to the Polish dealers. STS operates all facilities and equipment (including the 3-track private siding) necessary for storage, customs handling, distribution and delivery, it also offers fitting of additional equipment at both PC and CV. The centre has an area of 40 ha, and a capacity of more than 15,000 vehicles, and complies with every storage quality standards of the European car manufacturers.

STS continuously extends its service scope, without focusing only on the Logistics or car transportation and storage. Apart from extending the Mercedes-Benz truck fleet, the company had decided to establish two dealerships selling and servicing Mercedes trucks and Mitsubishi Fuso delivery vehicles. In 2000, STS have signed a contract for a exclusive handling of the Volkswagen plant in Poznań, including takeover of the entire production volume of Caddy and T6 from the assembly line and their transportation to the Distribution Centre in Swarzędz, and subsequent shipping to the delivery places worldwide.

 In the course of 20 years of activity, a lot of essential business projects have been implemented. Back in 1998, the STS as the only forwarder have signed a contract with Peugeot Polska and Citroen Polska for transportation services which was undoubtedly a significant success. The company has also managed to start a co-operation with Skoda Auto Polska S.A. and Kulczyk Tradex – the general importer of VW, AUDI and PORSCHE.           

STS Logistic Sp. z o.o.

ul. Rabowicka 6
62-020 Swarzędz – Jasin

T: +48 61 89 75 300
F: +48 61 81 81 389
E: sekretariat@stslogistic.com.pl

300 new Mercedes Benz trucks for the 30th Anniversary of the company